Biological Principles of Tooth or Cavity Preparation

Biological Principles of Tooth Preparation help in preserving the health and integrity of the remaining tooth structure, where the Principles of Tooth Preparation deal with obtaining the proper shape, retention, resistance form of the cavity for restoration. The main principles of cavity preparation are ...Read More

Modifications of Inferior Alveolar Nerve Block Technique

Inferior Alveolar Nerve Block is one of the most used Nerve Block technique as it supplies to Incisors, Canines, Pre-Molars and Molars of the injected side, modifications of Inferior alveolar nerve block are used on failure to achieve anesthesia using the regular technique. IANB ...Read More

Medications that interact with General Anesthesia

General Anesthesia is an integral part of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, it consists of many components that might interact with medications taken for other health issues. General Anesthesia is administered in Dental treatments such as surgeries for Orofacial trauma Trauma such as Le-Fort fractures, ...Read More

What is Infection and various Types of Infection

Infection is the lodgement and multiplication of a microorganism in or on the tissues of a host constitutes an infection. The host tissue or body is invaded by the disease-causing organism which multiples in the host tissue leading to infection of the host. There ...Read More

How to Disinfect or Sanitize your smartphone

Coronavirus pandemic has brought forward a very important aspect of disinfection to light, cleaning or disinfecting your smartphone when you return home after roaming outside. As a Dentist, it is a must to disinfect your smartphone every day after a shift at the clinic ...Read More