Mandibular Forceps Used in Dental Extractions

Extraction of teeth is what everyone associated Dentistry with, as that has been what everyone has known from a long time. Dentistry in General has come a long way and there are other ways to save a tooth now than there were a decade ...Read More

Indications and Contraindication of Fixed Partial Dentures

Fixed partial dentures are prosthesis which are fixed to the existing natural teeth or Dental Implants to replace missing teeth in the Maxillary or Mandibular regions. There are multiple advantages of having a fixed partial denture apart from the obvious appearance and functional aspects. ...Read More

Composition of Saliva, Types and their Function

Saliva is what keeps the oral cavity moist protecting the teeth, oral mucosa, etc by maintaining and preserving the oral health. We know how important Composition of Saliva is to Oral health when the quality and quantity of saliva reduces leading to complications such ...Read More

Oral Symptoms of Mucormycosis – Diagnosis and Treatment

Mucormycosis or Black Fungus Infection as it is being called is a Fungal infection affecting the Nasal, Oral regions more commonly. The other regions which it affects less commonly are Eyes, Cerebral, Lungs, etc. Mucormycosis is usually seen affecting people with reduced immunity – ...Read More

What is Dental Shadowing and How to apply for it?

Dental Shadowing or Predental Shadowing: A Student or International Dental Student who wishes to join a Dental School visiting a Dentist’s or Dental Clinic or office to observe from the sidelines and learn about the treatment procedures, dental terminology, techniques, how to deal with ...Read More

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