Human Physiology is the study of the normal functioning of the human body which are mechanical, physical and chemical modalities of the human body, which is functioning normally without any Disease or Abnormality.
It includes the study of the individual organs and their normal functions under normal conditions.
Anatomy and Physiology are closely related, Anatomy is the study of the body and Physiology is the study of normal functioning of the body.
Physiology for students is studied under many divisions (or) Systems:
1) Endocrine System
2) Nervous System
3) Respiratory System
4) Cardio Vascular System
5) Excretory System
6) Circulatory System
7) Reproductive System
8 ) Gastro Intestinal Tract.

All these Systems are studied in detail explaining their each and every function, and the action of hormones,enzymes…etc on it.

: In Practical we do many experiments which are done clinically to determine the cause of a disease or any abnormality, so the practical which we do are very important in real life too. Some of the Experiments are :

1) R.B.C Count
2) W.B.C Count
3) Differential Leukocyte Count
4) Checking B.P
5) E.C.G

So Physiology is a very important subject which helps us all through our professional life.

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