Orthodontics is mainly comprised of Wire bending and using the properties of Wires in our favor to bring changes in tooth alignment. The various appliances like Adams Clasp, Full Clasp, Labial Bow,finger spring, canine re-tractors ….etc require various types of pliers for each type.

There are two types of pliers for this

  1. Essential Pliers
  2. Optional Pliers

Essential Pliers:

  1. Young’s loop bending plier
  2. Adam’s Plier
  3. Clasp Adjusting Plier / Aderer Plier / Three Prong Plier
  4. Heavy Wire Cutter

Optional Pliers:

  1. Adams Clasp bending pliers
  2. Adams Arrow Clasp Forming and bending pliers
  3. Loop forming Pliers
  4. Nance Loop Closing Pliers
  5. Ruhland Loop  forming Plier

Essential Pliers used in fabricating Orthodontic appliances:

Young’s Loop Bending Plier (or) Universal Plier: 

All the Wire bending procedures can be done with this plier, It has one Flat ended arm and a rounded Arm. The flat ended Arm can be used to give sharp bends and the Rounded Arm is used to give loops and make circles in the various appliances.Because of all these uses it is also called as Universal Plier.

Young Wire Bending Pliers or Universal Plier

Young Wire Bending Pliers or Universal Plier

Adam’s Plier:

This is an instrument used to give Sharp Bends, it has 2 Flat ended beaks with grooves in the inner side of the beaks which help in holding the wire in place. This plier was made to help mainly in the construction of Adams Clasp hence the name Adam’s Plier.

Clasp Adjusting Plier/Aderer Plier/Three Pong Plier:

This plier is useful in adapting the retentive arm of the active and passive components of removable appliances and in construction of Frankel appliance. Clinically this plier is useful for adjusting Clasps for the patient.

Heavy Wire Cutter:

Heavy wire cutter is as essential as the other pliers used for making these appliances. To cut the appropriate amount of wire and to cut the ends of appliance to give tags in the proper position.

Optional Pliers used in fabricating Orthodontic appliances:

Adams Clasp Bending Plier:

This is a plier used specifically for the fabrication of Adams Clasp, this plier helps in giving the appropriate bends in the fabrication of Adams Clasp. This is used specifically to give the 45 Degree bend in the Adams clasp which adapts in the inter-dental area of the tooth.

Arrow Clasp forming and Bending Plier:

This plier is used in the construction of Schwarz Clasp. The specific use is that this plier gives a precise arrow shaped bend. It is essential in the fabrication of Schwarz clasp as the arrow heads from an integral part of the Clasp.

Loop Forming Plier:

Loop forming plier has one round and one concave beak for making loops. This plier is used in various loops in various appliances.

Nance Loop Closing Plier:

Nance Loop Closing Plier is used for making stop loops and is also a special type of plier used in the construction of Adam’s Clasp.

Ruhland Loop Forming Plier:

This plier has one concave and one round beak. The concave beak has grooves and is useful for making loops as in labial bow or for the construction of coffin spring. This plier is used in making of multiple  appliances.