Precautions to be taken after Tongue piercing | Tongue Piercing After Care

Tongue piercing can be traced back to the ancient Central American civilizations, that carried out piercing as a part of a traditional ritual. But today it is seen more of a fashion statement by the youngsters and the rockstars who they follow and idioloze.

After you have got your tongue piercing done make sure you follow the below given steps so that you will be free from infections and the healing process will be quick.

Precautions to be taken after Tongue Piercing:

  1. Rinse your Mouth thoroughly with a Mouth Wash
  2. Do not touch your Tongue with your finger or any external object
  3. Avoid playing with the jewellery
  4. Avoid any Hot or Spicy Food
  5. Avoid Alcohol
  6. Avoid Smoking
  7. For at least 1 week be mainly on liquid Diet
  8. Sip Ice cold water in the mornings
  9. Visit the Doctor if you have any swelling or see any signs of infection in that area
  10. Avoid frequently removing and placing it back for sometime as this might aggravate the lesion
  11. Avoid biting on the jewellery with your teeth

The precautions mentioned here are the basic steps which should be followed to avoid any complications which might occur due to any super infections or any complications which can occur. So the people who are going in for tongue piercings should follow these simple precautions to avoid many complications.

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