Properties of an Ideal anesthetic agent

Local Anesthetic agent is used in many procedures in the oral cavity and to avoid discomfort to the patient and the operator during the surgical procedures Local anesthetic agents are used, so these agents should fulfill some properties to so that it can be used on the patient to help in the surgical procedures.

Properties of an Ideal local anesthetic agent

  1. Its actions must be reversible.
  2. It should be non irritating to the tissues.
  3. It should not produce any local reactions.
  4. It should be rapid in action
  5. It should have a low degree of systemic toxicity.
  6. It should have sufficient potency to provide complete local anesthesia.
  7. It should be of sufficient duration to be advantageous.
  8. It should have sufficient penetrating properties.
  9. It should not produce allergic reactions.
  10. It should be stable in solution and undergo bio transformation readily within the body.
  11. It should be either sterile or capable of being sterilized by heat without deterioration.
  12. It should be stable in light.
  13. It should be liquid and vapourisiable at room temperature.
  14. It should have long shelf life.
  15. It should not produce any permanent damage.
  16. It should be non addictive.
  17. It should be combined with other agents.
  18. It should have high therapeutic ratio.

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