PULP PROTECTION in Cavity Preparation

PULP PROTECTION: It is the process of protecting the pulp from external irritants (Thermal, chemical and physical) using materials sucha s Cavity Bases, Liners. This step is very important in teeth with deep dental caries which extend into the dentis close to the pulp. Following proper pulp protection prptocols we can prevent Pulpal infection and Restore the tooth with just Restorative Cements.

Though not taken in principles of cavity preparation it is one of the important steps before final restoration.

Pulpal injury can result due to:

  1. Heat generated by injudicious cutting.
  2. Restorative material with good thermal conductivity.
  3. Chemical from the restorative materials.
  4. Galvanic currents
  5. Microleakage.

Cavity Liners and bases are used for pulp protection. Liners are volatile or aqueous suspensions or dispersion of zinc oxide or calcium hydroxide that can be applied to the cavity surface in a relatively thin film. The Liners also have anti-cariogenic property which helps in formation of secondary or reparative dentin. It is also termed as Pulp capping agent.

Bases are those cements, which are applied, in thicker dimensions beneath permanent restorations to provide for mechanical, chemical and thermal protection of the pulp. It is given in teeth where the remaining dentin structure is very less so a thicker base is required to protect the underlying pulp from external irritants. The Base if given in a minimum thickness of 0.75mm to attain thermal protection.

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