Referred pain in Head and Neck region due to tooth infection

Referred pain is a very common occurance in head and neck region and mostly caused due to infected teeth which is often mis diagnosed. As dentists we should be aware of the various referred pains caused due to infected teeth. It is very important to diagnose these pains as they are the things which differentiate a well trained dentist from a novice. It requires an expert eye to see the relation and diagnose the correct etiology of the pain.

refereed pain in head and region due to tooth infection

Regions of the referred pain in head and neck region caused due to infected teeth:

  1. Pain in the fore head region: infected Maxillary incisors
  2. Nasolabial angle: infected Maxillary canines and premolars
  3. Ear, angle of mandible and posterior region of neck: infected Mandibular molar
  4. Mental region of mandible: infected mandibular incisor, canine and premolars
  5. Zygomatic region, Parietal and Occipital region: infected Maxillary molar
  6. Opposite quadrant and other teeth in the same quadrant: infected maxillary and mandibular molars
In Sinusitis we can see that molars on the side affected become tender along with circumorbital pain and pain in the affected temple region and behind the brow bone and cheek bone. This is a condition where we seeĀ refereedĀ pain affecting the teeth due to Sinusitis.

The treatment of the these types of pains is only dental treatment depending on the etiology of the condition and the condition of tooth and the supported structures, the most common procedures done in these situations are Endodontic Root canal treatment or Extraction which is later followed by prosthodontic treatment which is placement of FPD units on the teeth which have undergone RCT or extraction.

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