Root Canal Treatment failure periapical lesion

Root Canal Treatment Failures are becoming the 3rd most common cause of tooth extraction after Caries and mobility. With the increase in root canal treatment failures it becomes the duty of Dentists to make sure that root canal treatments are undergone with proper care and by following the proper technique like

  1. Maintain Proper Sterilization
  2. Use X-ray to determine the Working length and an Xray to confirm it at the end
  3. Do not try to cover up your mistakes be clear with the patient and give them the best treatment required
  4. Do not do RCT on teeth which are not in a position to take up RCT and a Drown – Contraindications of Root Canal Treatment

These are some of the reasons i have mentioned and there are many more precautions to be taken which i will be updating in the next post.

Some pics of Root Canal Treatment Failures

This is an extreme case of Root Canal Treatment Failure where a number of GP points were pushed Peri Apically and left like that. when the patient experienced Pain in the same region he/she went to another dentist who took an Xray to see this. In cases like this Extraction is the only procedure which can be performed.


Root Canal Treatment failure overextension of GP points

This is an enitrely Opposite case to the above one, here we can see in the Xray that there has been Underextension of the GP points and due to which there is a persistent Peri Apical Lesion. This is a case of Faulty BMP and Obturation technique, Where i think the dentist might not have taken an Xray at the end of the procedure to evaluate the treatment done. Root Canal Treatment failures

This is Another case of Under Extension of Gutter percha points leading to persistence of peri-apical micro organisms causing peri-apical pahtology.

Root Canal Treatment failure

This is one another blunder in doing RCT where the gutta percha was inserted into the bone and not the root canals wonder how a Dentist could do such a treatment and then seal it with Restoration.

RCT Treatment Failure - Over extension of gutte percha

This Dentist must be given an Award for this kind of BMP and Obturation extending into the abjacent tooth. This obturation left the root canal, not even under extension or over extension but it has extended into the adjacent tooth by extended through the interdental bone.

RCT failure Obturation and BMP gone into adjacent tooth