Saliva Absorber Pad, a great innovation for clinical dentistry

Saliva is always a major hindrance for any type of Dental treatment be it a small restoration or Root canal treatment, the flow of saliva also increases in patients undergoing Dental treatment due to the anxiety. Directa, a dental company from Sweden has revealed an Absorber pad called DryDent which fits into the patient’s mandibular space absorbing saliva produced from the sublingual and submandibular glands.

Every Dentist uses cotton as a common practice to control the saliva accumulation which is a cumbersome process and takes up a lot of space decreasing the maneuverability. The Saliva Absorber pads were first showcased at the UAE International Dental Conference and Arab Dental Exhibition in Dubai earlier this year. Directa has now made the saliva absorber pads available commercially in Nordic dental market at the moment.

DryDent Saliva Absorber

Accroding to Directa, CEO Henric Karsk, DryDent is an invention that meets a specific and important need in everyday dentistry. The special absorbent material used in Drydent makes sure that the area is dry even when the pad is saturated along with keeping the patient comfortable. Henric Karsk added, the DryDent reduces swallowing reflex with the soothing effect it creates.It will be useful in patients who have the problem of Hypersalivation causes to which can be various.

There are many Saliva absorbers but none is as compact as the DryDent, Henric Karsk stated that after DryDent Sublingual`s “test drive” in Västra Götaland region, around 75% of dental teams confirmed it is a helpful device in the dentist`s work. DryDent performs the best efficiency when placed under the saliva ejector.

With saliva absorbers playing a major part in every dental treatment, this product can be useful for everyone to keep the working area dry and not infected. It can also be used in Root canal treatments in cases where the use of Rubber Dam is not possible.

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