Scientists contribution in the field of Pedodontics

Pedodontics or Pediatric Dentistry: It is a branch of dentistry which deals with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of dental conditions in Deciduous and Permanent teeth in children and adolescents.

scientists in pedodontics

Any branch of dentistry is an aggregation of contributions from various scientists in various aspects of dental treatment procedures and techniques which help in enhancement of treatment modalities in children.

Scientists who contributed to Pedodontics:

  1. Addleson: Tell-show-do technique
  2. Bandura: Social Learning theory
  3. Bandura: Modelling
  4. Baume: Classification of occlusion for primary teeth
  5. Bodecker: Fissure eradication
  6. Buonocore: Acid Etching
  7. Bowen: BIS-GMA resin
  8. Davis: Early childhood caries
  9. Eric Erickson: Psychological theory
  10. Humphrey: Stainless steel crowns
  11. Hyatt:Prophylactic odontomy
  12. Herman: Calcium Hydroxide
  13. Jacobi: Nursing bottle caries
  14. Jordon: HOME technique
  15. Keyes: Caries triad
  16. Massler: Rampant caries, Hierarchy of needs
  17. Miller: Acidogenic theory
  18. Newbrun: Caries tetrad
  19. Nance: Father of serial extraction
  20. Piaget: Cognitive theory
  21. Pavlov: Classical conditioning theory
  22. Skinner: Operant conditioning theory
  23. Sigmond Freud: Psychoanalytic theory
  24. Winter et al: Nursing bottle caries




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