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Irwin Smigel founder of laser whitening and Bonding dies at age 92

Dr. Irwin Elliot Smigel is a well known name in the Dental fraternity for his contibutions to popularising two of the most important techniques in Dental Cosmetic or Aesthetics treatment – Laser Teeth Whitening and Bonding technique using laminates, Veneers etc. He has some famous patients has well like Elizabeth Taylor, Tony Bennet, Jimmy Fallon, [&hellip

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Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment Abroad

Cosmetic Dentistry: Cosmetic Dentistry is defined a branch of dentistry which deals with improving the physical appearance of the Hard and soft tissue structures in the oral cavity. Cosmetic dentistry deals with the following treatments: Teeth Whitening:  It is the basic part of cosmetic dentistry which involves Oral Prophylaxis, Bleaching, Laser teeth whitening techniques, there [&hellip

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