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Dentists seem to be at Lower risk to COVID 19 as compared to General Public

COVID-19 has been known to transmitted due to close contact between the infected with non-infected person, this keeps Dentists at greater risk of getting COVID 19 as they are not just in close contact to the patient but are exposed to aerosols or droplets. It has been shown it studies that droplets are the main [&hellip

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How Simple Oral Hygiene steps can reduce COVID-19 Severity

With the presence of COVID-19 crossing one and a half years and lots of research being conducted, it has been found that COVID-19 virus can travel to patients Lungs through the Saliva. It has been found that people with Gum Disease who have become COVID positive have more chances of it spreading to the Lungs [&hellip

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Personal Protective Equipment in Dentistry during Coronavirus

Novel Coronavirus diseases or COVID-19 has taken over the world with all countries coming to a standstill having complete to partial lockdowns, Dentistry has been hurt the most as we have to deal directly with aerosols and are the most prone to be infected. This brings forward the need for proper PPE or Personal Protective [&hellip

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Essential (Emergency) and Non-Essential (Elective) Dental Procedures for Coronavirus or COVID-19 Emergency

With strict guidelines being passed around the world by Dental councils that all dentist and dental clinics and hospitals avoid Non-Essential Dental procedures and only perform Essential Dental Procedures, it is important for everyone to know what are the Essential and Non-Essential procedures. This helps in preventing Dentists and Dental Staff from being endangered as [&hellip

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