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Dental Robot fits first Dental Implant without any Human involvement

In a first of its kind, a Dental Robot system named Yomi has successfully carried out the procedure of placing two Dental Implants in a patients mouth without much human involvement. The success of this procedure has opened up a whole new field in Dentistry – Dental Robotics which can be the thing for the [&hellip

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New Dental Implant with built-in Reservoir for drugs – Is it the end of Implant failures?

In modern Dentistry, Dental Implants have played a major role in helping Dentists and Dental patients replace missing teeth without any invasive procedures affecting the adjacent teeth. But the number of Implant failures has also been a major shortcoming with both the patients and Dentists thinking twice before going in for a Dental Implant to replace [&hellip

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Dental Implant found in Sinus cavity

When a 57 year-old woman in Italy was facing constant pain and inflamed Sinuses along with facial pain and visited a doctor, she was in for a shock when the CT Scan showed a Dental Implant in the left Sinus located beside the left eye. The 2-centimeter long metal object was identified as a Dental [&hellip

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