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How to Manage or Overcome Dental Anxiety – For Patients

Dental Anxiety is one of the most common types of fear regarding Doctors, there is another term which is used to describe this condition – “Dental Phobia“. It is commonly described by patients as – we become anxious before visiting a Dentist or before a Dental appointment, becoming sweaty while waiting for your Appointment. Dental [&hellip

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5 changes in Dental Clinic to help decrease patient Anxiety and Stress

Dental Clinic can be a very intimidating place for a patient who is apprehensive or visiting the dentist for the first time or experienced a previous bad dental visit. It is very common for the patients to be having Fear and Anxiety during a dental visit. As a Dentist, we have to make sure the [&hellip

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Why cannot the Dentist get my Teeth Numb with Local Anesthesia

Getting a Tooth numb before any procedure in the dental clinic is one of the main things which every Dentist would like to get and all the patients would feel comfortable with, but there are some or shall I say many situations when your Dentist cannot get your teeth numb even after multiple doses and [&hellip

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