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Dentist Sued $675,000 for dropping a Dental File down the patients throat

An elderly man from Illinois, Hoffman Estates who had undergone a Root canal procedure back in 2014 in Des Plaines has sued the dentist for leaving behind a Dental File which had slipped down his throat into his stomach. The patient Kanusz Pawlowicz, said, “(I saw her) looking around me, looking at my clothes, on the [&hellip

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Kids Anxiety a problem during Dental Visit Take the New Approach

Kids are usually made to eat food by saying “I will take you to a dentist if you dont finish it” So the fear of a dentist is created from early childhood and when the child enters a clinic he is assured by seeing those scary looking instruments and the chair. The fear in children [&hellip

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What is the Difference between a Dentist and a General Physician

Many people think that as the dentists are also called ‘Dr.’ can treat any kind of disease regarding the whole body, but here i am going to tell what the two really mean so that we can spot the difference. Physician: A Physician is a person who having been completed his education in a medical [&hellip

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Tooth is the calcified tissue of the body present in the oral cavity embedded partly in the jaw and part of it exposed in the mouth. It is an important part of our life as it helps in chewing down food for us to eat. The tooth is a calcified structure which is made up [&hellip

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Importance of Aesthetics in Dentistry

Clinical Dentistry in general deals with 50% Aesthetics and the other 50% concentration is focused on the treatment of pathological conditions of the tooth. Coming to the importance of aesthetics in dentistry and how it is implemented in dentistry. Firstly we will come know the definition of aesthetics. Aesthetics: It is the Beauty / appearance [&hellip

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