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How many days should you wait to smoke after Wisdom tooth Extraction

Smoking after a Wisdom tooth extraction or removal is strictly prohibited as most third molar extractions are traumatic and very less are simple extractions. Wisdom tooth removal can be required due to a lot of reasons, Impacted wisdom tooth (upper or lower), decay in the tooth, preventive extractions at an early age etc. The anatomy [&hellip

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Dry Socket / Alveolar Ostetis

Dry socket is a well recognized painful complication of Dental Extractions which is also called as localized Osteitis, in which the blood clot disintegrates exposing an infected necrotic socket wall giving rise to excruciating dry socket pain at the site. Dry socket or Alveolar Osteitis is a very unpleasant, very painful local complication of extraction of [&hellip

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