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Glossary Of Periodontic Terms – G

GANGRENE: Death of a mass of tissue,’ generally associated with loss of vascular (nutritive) supply and followed by bacterial invasion and putrefaction. GEMINATION: Teeth that are structurally united and have developed from the same tooth germ. GENE: A segment of a DNA molecule coded ...Read More

Glossary Of Periodontic Terms – D

DARK-FIELD MICROSCOPY: A technique utilizing a microscope modified by a special condenser that allows light to enter only peripherally so that objects such as microorganisms are obliquely illuminated and glow against a dark background. DEBRIDEMENT: The removal of inflamed, devitalized, or contaminated tissue or ...Read More

Glossary Of Periodontic Terms – F

FACE-BOW: A device used to record the positional relationship of the maxillary arch to the temporomandibular joints and to orient dental casts in this same relationship to the opening axis of an articulator. FACET: A flattened or worn spot on the surface of a ...Read More

Glossary Of Periosontic Terms – E

ECCENTRIC RELATION, ECCENTRIC POSITION: See: Occlusion, Eccentric. ECCHYMOSIS: An extravasation of blood into subcutaneous tissue or mucosa. ECOLOGY: The study of the relationships of organisms with other organisms and their environment. ECTODERMAL DYSPLASIA: See: Dysplasia, Ectodermal. EC TOPIC: Occurring in an unusual position, manner, ...Read More

GPT Terms – Z

zero-degree teeth: posterior denture teeth having 0-degree cuspal angles in relation to the plane established by the horizontal occlusal surface of the tooth— called also zero-degree nonanatomic teeth—see NONANATOMIC TEETH zinc oxide eugenol cement: a cement or luting agent resulting from mixing zinc oxide with ...Read More

GPT Terms – Y

yield strength : the strength at which a small amount of permanent (plastic) strain occurs, usually 0.1% or 0.2%, and most frequently measured in MPa or psi Young’s modulus: [Thomas Young (1773-1829) English physician and physicist] eponym for the constant of proportionality expressed in the ...Read More

GPT Terms – X

1X-ray : the process of exposing objects to roentgen rays and projecting their shadow on sensitized surfaces 2X-ray : see ROENTGEN RAY X-ray picture: see ROENTGENOGRAM xenogenic graft : a graft from one species to another species— called also heterologous graft xer·o·stomia : dryness of ...Read More

GPT Terms – W

warp : torsional change of shape or outline; to turn or twist out of shape wash impression slang: see FINAL IMPRESSION wave length : the distance at any instant between two adjacent crests (or identical phases) of two series of waves that are advancing ...Read More

GPT Terms – V

vacuum casting : the casting of a material (i.e., metal, plastic) in the presence of a partial vacuum vacuum investing : the process of investing a pattern within a partial vacuum vacuum mixing : a method of mixing a material such as plaster of ...Read More

GPT Terms – U

UCLA abutment substand: a colloquial term used to describe a dental crown that is attached directly to the implant body by means of a screw without an intervening abutment ultimate strength : the greatest stress that may be induced in a material at the ...Read More

GPT Terms – T

ta·ble: a flat surface; a raised horizontal surface—see GUIDE T., OCCLUSAL T. ta·per: in dentistry, the convergence of two opposing external walls of a tooth preparation as viewed in a given plane. The extension of those average lines within that plane form an angle ...Read More

GPT Terms – S

sad·dle n, obs: see DENTURE BASE saddle pontic obs: a pontic with a broad concave facio-lingual area of contact with the residual ridge. It is also know as a ridge lap pontic. This type of pontic is known to be uncleanseable and result in tissue irritation ...Read More

GPT Terms – R

RAD: acronym for Radiation Absorbed Dose, a unit of measurement of the absorbed dose of ionizing radiation. The biologic effect of one rad varies with the type of radiation tissue is exposed to—see also GRAY radiation : the emission of electromagnetic waves, such as light, ...Read More

GPT Terms – Q

Q.D.: every day Q.H.: every hour Q.I.D.: four times a day Q.L.: as much as desired Q.Q.H.: every 4 hours quadrant 1: any of the four quarters into which something is divided by two real or imaginary lines that intersect each other at right ...Read More

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