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GPT Terms – Z

zero-degree teeth: posterior denture teeth having 0-degree cuspal angles in relation to the plane established by the horizontal occlusal surface of the tooth— called also zero-degree nonanatomic teeth—see NONANATOMIC TEETH zinc oxide eugenol cement: a cement or luting agent resulting from mixing zinc oxide with ...Read More

GPT Terms – Y

yield strength : the strength at which a small amount of permanent (plastic) strain occurs, usually 0.1% or 0.2%, and most frequently measured in MPa or psi Young’s modulus: [Thomas Young (1773-1829) English physician and physicist] eponym for the constant of proportionality expressed in the ...Read More

GPT Terms – X

1X-ray : the process of exposing objects to roentgen rays and projecting their shadow on sensitized surfaces 2X-ray : see ROENTGEN RAY X-ray picture: see ROENTGENOGRAM xenogenic graft : a graft from one species to another species— called also heterologous graft xer·o·stomia : dryness of ...Read More

GPT Terms – W

warp : torsional change of shape or outline; to turn or twist out of shape wash impression slang: see FINAL IMPRESSION wave length : the distance at any instant between two adjacent crests (or identical phases) of two series of waves that are advancing ...Read More

GPT Terms – V

vacuum casting : the casting of a material (i.e., metal, plastic) in the presence of a partial vacuum vacuum investing : the process of investing a pattern within a partial vacuum vacuum mixing : a method of mixing a material such as plaster of ...Read More

GPT Terms – U

UCLA abutment substand: a colloquial term used to describe a dental crown that is attached directly to the implant body by means of a screw without an intervening abutment ultimate strength : the greatest stress that may be induced in a material at the ...Read More

GPT Terms – T

ta·ble: a flat surface; a raised horizontal surface—see GUIDE T., OCCLUSAL T. ta·per: in dentistry, the convergence of two opposing external walls of a tooth preparation as viewed in a given plane. The extension of those average lines within that plane form an angle ...Read More

GPT Terms – S

sad·dle n, obs: see DENTURE BASE saddle pontic obs: a pontic with a broad concave facio-lingual area of contact with the residual ridge. It is also know as a ridge lap pontic. This type of pontic is known to be uncleanseable and result in tissue irritation ...Read More

GPT Terms – R

RAD: acronym for Radiation Absorbed Dose, a unit of measurement of the absorbed dose of ionizing radiation. The biologic effect of one rad varies with the type of radiation tissue is exposed to—see also GRAY radiation : the emission of electromagnetic waves, such as light, ...Read More

GPT Terms – Q

Q.D.: every day Q.H.: every hour Q.I.D.: four times a day Q.L.: as much as desired Q.Q.H.: every 4 hours quadrant 1: any of the four quarters into which something is divided by two real or imaginary lines that intersect each other at right ...Read More

GPT Terms – P

pack l: to make into a compact form 2: to completely fill 3: to crowd together 4: to compress—pack·a·bil·i·ty —pack·able pack: any material used to protect tissue, fill space or prevent hemorrhage packing : the act of filling a mold—see DENTURE P. pain : a subjective unpleasant ...Read More

GPT Terms – O

oblique ridge : the elevation in the enamel that runs obliquely across the occlusal surface of a maxillary molar ob·tun·dent : an agent or remedy that lessens or relieves pain or sensibility ob·tu·ra·tor: 1. a maxillofacial prosthesis used to close a congenital or acquired ...Read More

GPT Terms – N

NA: acronym for NAsion; a cephalometric landmark located where the intranasal and nasofrontal sutures meet nano·me·ter : unit of length to measure the wavelength of light. It is equivalent to 1 x 10-9 M or 10 angstroms. 1 nm=1/1,000,000 mm narrative report : a complete description of the ...Read More

GPT Terms – M

mac·ro·glos·sia : excessive size of the tongue mac·ula , mac·ula (1863): a patch of tissue that is altered in color but usually not elevated; usually characteristic of various diseases maintenance dose : the quantity of a drug necessary to maintain a normal physiologic state or ...Read More

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