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Swine Flu Symptoms in Animated way

Swine Flu which is spreading havoc around the world is being neglected or is been overlooked by lack of knowledge about the symptoms. The lack of knowlegde and the lack of resources to Diagnose the disease is making it more and more prevalent around the world. The Symptoms are : Cough and Cold Chills Fatigue [&hellip

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7 Steps to prevent Swine Flu

Swine Flu or the H1N1 Flu which is officially declared as the Pandemic is causing havoc all around the world, witht he death toll constantly rising and the number of people getting infected constantly on the rise and in a condition where the goverenment is helpless about the situation, we have to save/protect ourselves from [&hellip

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H1N1 FLU (Swine Flu) Precautions For Dental professionals

Swine Flu which is invading the world like an epidemic has become a great problem for the medical as well as the dental professionals who are in constant contact with many different kinds of patients with variety of conditions. First lets know what H1N1/ Swine Flu is: What is H1N1 Flu? H1N1 flu is caused [&hellip

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