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Macrodontia – Developmental Disturbances of Teeth

Definition: Microdontia is a condition in which any tooth or taeeth appear larger than normal for that particular type of tooth. Classification Of Macrodontia: True Generalized Macrodontia Relative Generalized Macrodontia Single Tooth Macrodontia True Generalized Microdontia: All teeth are larger than normal. It is extremely Rare Seen in cases of Pituitary Gigantism Relative Generalized Macrodontia: [&hellip

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Microdontia – Developmental Disturbances in Size of teeth

In the developmental disturbances of teeth as you have seen in the classification we have 2 types: Microdontia Macrodontia We are going to discuss in detail about Microdontia here: Microdontia: It is defined as the size of theeth which is smaller than normal (or) outside the normal range of teeth size. Microdontia is again divided [&hellip

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