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Anterior or Greater Palatine Nerve Block – Local Anesthesia Technique

Anterior or Greater Palatine Nerve Block: Used to block the Anterior palatine nerve. As the name suggests it blocks the Anterior Palatine Nerve Block, the nerve is anesthetized as it exists the Greater Palatine Foramen which is located on the hard palate on the posterior portion. Let us look in detail about How to give [&hellip

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Inferior Alveolar Nerve block – Local Anesthesia Technique, Landmarks and Symptoms

It is sometimes called the Inferior Dental Nerve which gives off a motor branch supplying the Mylohyoid and the anterior belly of digastric and travels through the Mandibular foramen and enters the Mandible. After entering the Mandible it supplies to the following Mandibular Teeth: 2nd Premolar, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Molars. It extends Anteriorly forming [&hellip

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