Palpation of Head and Neck Lymph Nodes Archive

Enlargement of Lymph Nodes and their related Dental Conditions

Lymphatic System comprises of Lymph nodes in the Facial region which are related to the Oral cavity and are enlarged due to infection of the particular region. Palpation of Lymph nodes helps in Provisional Diagnosis of oral conditions. The Lymph nodes should be checked for tenderness, mobility, enlargement and consistency while performing a Examination. Facial [&hellip

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Head and Neck Lymph Node Examination

Lymph nodes are also known as lymph glands and these are small lumps of tissue which are a part of body’s immune system. Lymph nodes consist of white blood cells which act as the body’s active immune system, by filtering harmful substances like bacteria and cancer cells from your body. Lymph nodes are located throughout [&hellip

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