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Methods used for Working length determination in Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment is a step by step process in which each and every step plays an important role in the final outcome of the treatment, one of the most important step is the determination of Working Length. Working length helps in deciding to what extent the BMP has to be performed and where the [&hellip

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Root Canal Treatment Failure Causes and what is Re-RCT

Root Canal Treatment is a procedure performed to treat an infected Root Canal which leads to tooth pain, this can be lifesaver for many patients who suffer from pain. But like all treatments, there will be failures and Root canal treatment failures are no different. The success rate of Root Canals is usually between 85-95% [&hellip

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Root Canal Treatment – Indications, Procedure and Cost

Root Canal Treatment: It is a procedure aimed at treating an Infected tooth where the infected pulp tissue is removed from the root canal, and the cleaned root canal system is filled up with a bio-compatible material known as Gutta purcha, then the prepared cavity is filled or restored with a suitable restorative material – [&hellip

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