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Glossary Of Periodontic Terms – F

FACE-BOW: A device used to record the positional relationship of the maxillary arch to the temporomandibular joints and to orient dental casts in this same relationship to the opening axis of an articulator. FACET: A flattened or worn spot on the surface of a hard body, as on a bone or a tooth. FACTITIOUS: I. [&hellip

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Glossary Of Periosontic Terms – E

ECCENTRIC RELATION, ECCENTRIC POSITION: See: Occlusion, Eccentric. ECCHYMOSIS: An extravasation of blood into subcutaneous tissue or mucosa. ECOLOGY: The study of the relationships of organisms with other organisms and their environment. ECTODERMAL DYSPLASIA: See: Dysplasia, Ectodermal. EC TOPIC: Occurring in an unusual position, manner, or form, as in ectopic eruption. EDEMA: An abnormal swelling resulting [&hellip

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