Taste perception by different papilla and taste buds and the nerves associated

Taste perception by tongue is possible with the help of taste buds present in the papilla present on surface of tongue, all but filliform papilla contain taste buds.

Most taste buds in a papillae

Circumvallate papillae, the largest papilla on the tongue have the most number of taste buds in them. Which are located on the posterior border of the tongue in a V shaped manner.

Taste buds are absent in which papillae

Filiform papillae are small papillae present on the surface of the tongue and these papillae are not involved in Gustatory (Taste sensation) unlike the other 3 papillae present on the tongue. In between filiform papillae we can find fungiform papillae

Taste buds locations adn type of taste perception of sweet sour butter and salty

Gustatory or Taste Sensations and their Locations of Tongue and type of papilla involved:


  • Location: Tip of tongue
  • Papilla: Fungiform papillae
  • Nerve: Chordatympani


  • Location: Lateral border of tongue
  • Papilla: Fungiform Papilla
  • Nerve: Chordatympani Nerve


  • Location: Lateral border of tongue
  • Papilla: Fungiform
  • Nerve: Glossopharyngeal nerve


  • Location: Posterior part of tongue
  • Papilla: Circumvallate papilla
  • Nerve: Glossopharyngeal
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