Teeth involved in various types of Space infections and Space infection caused by Nerve Blocks

Space infection is infection spreading to the Facial Spaces in the head and neck region from one or many teeth infected. The Fascial spaces are filled with Loose Connective tissue readily breakdown in presence of even little amount of infection and a huge swelling can be seen.

The List of Fascial Spaces and their Boundries is described in detail here: Fascial Spaces of Head and Neck Region

Buccal Space infection etiology

Now coming to the teeth involved in specific Space infections we should understand that the infection is spread to the particular  Space through this teeth which is or are infected. In some cases the Nerve Blocks which are giving lead to space infection as seen in Pterygomandibular Space and Retrozygomatic Space when the needle pierces the surrounding muscle and enters the space leading to infection.

The Teeth involved in Various types of Space Infections or Space infections caused due to Teeth:

  1. Submental Space: Mandibular Anteriors
  2. Sublingual Space: Mandibular Premolars and 1st Molars (the root apices lie below the mylohyoid line) 
  3. Submandibular Space: 2nd and 3rd Mandibular Molars (the root apices lie below the mylohyoid line) 
  4. Lateral Pharyngeal Space: Pericoronalinfection from Mandibular 3rd Molar
  5. Infraorbital Space or Canine Fossa infection: Maxillary Canine, Premolars and MB root of 1st Molar
  6. Retrozygomatic Space or Infratemporal region: Buccal Roots of Maxillary 2nd and 3rd Molars 
  7. Buccal Space: Mostly Maxillary Teeth and sometimes Mandibular teeth (when the root apices crosses the attachment to Buccinator)

Space Infection Caused due to Nerve Blocks of Local anaesthesia:

  1. Pterygomandibular Space: Infection is Spread through Inferior Alveolar Nerve Block
  2. Retrozygomatic Space or Infratemporal region: Infection spread through Posterior Alveolar Nerve Block



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