The Course Of Dental Education

B.D.S is Divided into Subjective, Practical, Clinical, and Community related subjects, the curriculum is divided in the best suitable way for the students so they can understand each and every step of dentistry in a well organised way :


Anatomy, Physiology


– Histology(General & Oral)

– Pharmacology

– Pathology

The time alloted for the basic sciences is about 800 hours according to the University it may change.

The Basic Science subjects are mostly distributed in the I & II yrs so that we can get a generalized view of the human Body its Functions and the Pathological states involved.

PRE-CLINICAL Techniques and Laboratory :

Oral Anatomy

– Operative dentistry

– Prosthodontics – Fixed & Removoble Partial Dentures

They account to about 1450 hours.

These Important Subjects to be studied by us, which give us the practical knowledge and are very helpful in our practice as a dental Doctor.


– Patient care and class room instructions are Included here .

It concludes to about 1690 hours .

Here we get to know how to look after the patients needs to his expectations.


Community Dentistry :

Here we mingle with the people and get to know their mentalities and how to be a particular kind of a person, which is very important part of our Dental Practice.

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