What are the Tissues Surrounding Dental Implant

Dental Implant is an Artificial structure used to replace a missing tooth with the help of Osseointegration. Dental Implant is placed in the desired position after making a hole in the Alveolar bone depicting the natural tooth. But the differences in Tissues surrounding the Natural tooth Root and the root portion of the Dental implant are large. Here we are going to see how Implant and Natural Tooth are Different in their relationship with the Supporting tissues and which supporting tissues are present similar to natural tooth and which are absent or changed.Tissues surrounding Dental Implant Click here for the many Advantages and Disadvantages of Dental Implants On the Left are the Tissues which surround the Normal tooth and on Right are their replacements in the Artificial Implant tooth: Tissue of Natural tooth – Tissue surrounding Implants

  • Junctional Epithelium        –        Attaches to the implant Surface (forms Biological Seal)
  • Connective Tissue Fibers    –        Runs parallel or Circular to the Implant Surface
  • Periodontal Ligament          –        Absent in Implant
  • Cementum                              –         Absent in Implant
  • Alveolar Bone                         –          In direct contact with the implant surface (osseointegration)

The main relationship of the Implant and the Alveolar Bone is through Osseointegration which is the main feature in the success of Dental Implant.

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