Tooth Brushing techniques recommended in Periodontal disease

In case of any periodontal disease or after performing periodontal treatment the dentist has to recommend the patient on how to brush, there are different type of tooth brushing techniques which are designed for specific function and to be used in specific conditions of periodontal disease. Improper Brushing or brushing technique is the most common cause of Gum disease and it is important to follow the proper brushing technique. After Gum Surgery or Periodontal Surgery utmost care needs to be taken to prevent any injury and to properly clean the Gums as they are very sensitive for the next 5-7 days after surgery.

Charters technique is the tooth brushing technique which is recommended in patients after they have undergone Periodontal Gum Surgery procedure.

tooth brushing techniques in periodontal disease

Here is the list of various Tooth Brushing techniques and their respective used in Periodontal disease: 

Modified Stillman Technique:

  • In cases of Gingival recession
  • Root Exposure

Charters Technique:

  • After Periodontal Surgery is performed for healing tissues

It is a technique used mostly in presence of any appliances in the oral cavity, it effectively cleans the interproximal areas between teeth.

  • Method/Technique: Position the Bristles towards the Occlusal or Crown of the tooth > The sides of the Bristles are placed at the gingival margin at 45 degrees to long axis of tooth. Short back and forth strokes are given mostly like Vibratory motion.
  • Indications: After Periodontal Surgery, Effective cleaning of interproximal areas, Used in case of Fixed Prosthodontic appliances and Charters brushing technique is used in case of patient undergoing Orthodontic treatment.
  • Charters Technique is used in patients with: Orthodontic and fixed prosthetic appliances, patients who have just undergone periodontal surgery for temporary cleaning of surgical site.

Bass Technique (or) Sulcular brushing technique:

  • It is the most recommended tooth brushing technique in patients with Periodontal Disease

Fones Technique: 

  • It is recommended in Children

It is the simplest of all methods of Brushing, all you have to do is move the Brush in a circular motion around a set of teeth and move on to the next set, it is useful in teaching Children to Brush. But the down side is, it is the least effective brushing technique.

Scrub Technique:

  • It is the most common method of technique, which is used by most of the people but it is not recommended in Periodontal disease

Roll type of Tooth Brushing Technique: 

  • It is a less effective technique and should not be recommended in Periodontal Disease
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