Tooth Tattoo Sensors will detect Diseases before hand – Graphene sensory material

Researchers at the University of Manchester, UK – including Konstantin Novoselov, who shared a Nobel prize as graphene’s co-discoverer – and at the SuperStem Laboratory of the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council in Daresbury, UK. have developed a material called “Graphene” which is capable of detecting and identifying different species of bacteria in the oral cavity and with the help of wireless sensors signal us of the up coming Disease or infection.

The Graphene material will be incorporated on the tooth surface in the form of a tattoo as it is available in mat form and strings form. Graphene is a form of advanced nano technology. Graphene is a form of carbon. It is a flat layer of carbon atoms tightly packed into a two-dimensional honeycomb arrangement.

Graphene is a self conducting material and so it does not need any electrical energy to be powered. And with the help of wireless sensory receptors it can transmit the information regarding the Micro Culture in the oral fluids.

Based on this a team of scientists in Princeton University are planning to use this on a tooth by making a tattoo of the Graphene material – Graphene tooth tattoo which will be able to detect the changes in the breath and Oral fluids and tell before hand the development of a disease.

graphene tooth tattoos ua\se in dentistry

So the use of this “wonder material” in dentistry is also a very helpful strategy to make dentistry more easier and alert people beforehand of the particular disease which is going to come and take precautions to avoid it.

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  1. October 19, 2015

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