Tooth Tooth is the calcified tissue of the body present in the oral cavity embedded partly in the jaw and part of it exposed in the mouth.

It is an important part of our life as it helps in chewing down food for us to eat.

The tooth is a calcified structure which is made up of 3 layers:

  • Enamel
  • Dentin
  • Pulp

Along with some supporting structures:

  • Cementum
  • Periodontial ligament

It is divided into 2 parts

  • Crown
  • Root

the crown is the part which is visible and root is the part of the tooth embedded underneath the gingiva into the jaw bone.

The root part of the tooth which is embedded in the jaw bone is surrounded by gingiva which protect the cervical region of the tooth, which is exposed dentin.

The tooth is connected to the bone with the help of fibers arising from it and ending in the bone, these fibers are the Periodontal fibers which keep the tooth in the socket and prevent them from being dislodged.

Another layer which covers the root is the Cementum, it is absent in the crown and only seen in the root part of the tooth.

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