Top Dental apps for Apple iPhone, iPod and iPad

Apple iPhone is the worlds 2nd leading smartphone operating system which has a variety of uses in many fields, there are many Apps which help all kinds of people in various aspects of their lives. Even in Dentistry there are many Apps which are very helpful for Dentists, Dental Students, and Dental Patients in understanding the disease and problem.

All these dental apps are available in iTunes App Store most of which are Free.

Here is a list of Dental Apps:

1) Dental Expert: download here

Dental Expert is a patient’s guide to understanding all aspects of dentistry and its procedures. This application includes the most frequently asked dental questions answered by the top dental experts in each field.

2) My Dental Hub Mobile for iPhone:

My Dental Hub Mobile App provides you with various animations and narrations of dental conditions and problems. This app is useful for dental students and more useful for patients who want to know about the probem and treatment. It can be very useful for dentists to show patients the animations easily without the use of a computer.

3) Dental Aid:

A very interesting app which will help you see and understand dental procedures with the help of  high quality dental pictures which have categories like Examination, Operative Dentistry, Prosthodontics.

4) Dental Assistant HD:

This is an App for dentists which helps you keep record of your patients dental history, contact information, pictures and useful data which a Dental assistant maintains in your clinic which can be easily managed with the help of this app.

5) iBraces Help:

This App is a source of information for patients who are currently using braces or for patients who want to undergo orthodontic treatment. iBraces help provides you with very useful information regarding Orthodontic treatment having pictures and Videos for description.

6) Mouth & Teeth:

It is a Dental app which covers various topics of various dental problems and treatment which include Dental Health, gum Disease, Oral Cancer, Orthodontia, snoring, Voice Disorders, Tooth Disorders,, Tonsils and various other topics. It is a very informative app which covers various aspects of dental problems.

7) DentalNavi:

Dental Navigator is a App which helps Dentists to explain different methods of treatment to patients. It has various dental animations and videos along with photos which can be very useful in helping patients understanding what the treatment plan you have decided for the patient.

8) Brushy Time:

As the name suggests it is an app which helps you maintain the amount of time for which you brush your teeth and Rinse your mouth, with its animated look it will be very helpful to teach children easily.

9) DentALL Removable Partial Denture Designer:

This App is made for the Dentists where there are many partial denture designs which can be used to design a partial denture in your iPhone after taking a picture of the caste and then send it directly to the Lab. who can look at the design and fabricate the denture base. It allows you to use Major connecters, minor connectors, direct and indirect retainers.

10) RVG Mobile:

This App is used as a screen to view the radiograph directly on the iPad or iPhone screen. RVG machines are coming built in to be compatible with iPad, iPhone.

11) Dental Dictionary:

It is a product of Mosby’s Dental Dictionary which is a very extensive and standard dictionary which can be very useful for dental students when they need to know about a term immediately.

12) Suturing techniques Videos:

This App provides each suturing technique with the help of a VIDEO demonstrating how to perform it,its advantages, its drawbacks, its indications. at 3.99$ it is worth the money we pay for. The Video’s provided in the App are very informative.
Download the App here – Suturing Techniques

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