Endodontic treatment is mainly based on preserving the tooth structure without having to extract it, here are some of the procedures followed in endodontic treatment:

  1. Indirect pulp capping
  2. Direct pulp capping
  3. Pulpotomy and apexigenesis.
  4. Pulpectomy and root canal treatment.
  5. Periapical curetage.
  6. Apicectomy and retrograde filling.
  7. Replantation.
  8. Transplantation.
  9. Redisection and eisection.
  10. Endodontic endosseous implants.
  11. Bleaching.
  12. Perforation / resorption repair.
  13. Apexificaton.
  14. Management of traumatic injuries.
  15. Post endodontic restorations.