Dental Xrays are one of the most important part of a successful dental treatment, any dental treatment starts from Diagnosis of the present problem or condition. As a Dentist after hearing the chief complaint of the patient we get a minimum of two to three conditions in mind leading to Differential Diagnosis. To come to a proper diagnosis Dental Radiograph plays a major role.

There are various types of Dental Xrays which are used according to the requirement starting from a Periapical Xray which is the smallest and most commonly used Dental Xray film available in almost all Dental clinics used to capture an Xray of one to three teeth at a time in a single arch. Then comes the Bitewing radiograph which accommodates two to three teeth in opposing arches at the same time. Occlusal Films are another Intra Oral radiographs which show the radiographic image of the occlusal aspect.

The other types of Dental Radiographs are Extra Oral Radiographs like the Cephalogram – mostly used for Orthodontic assessment of the Skeletal deformity and the other one is Orthopantomogram (OPG) which is used to get a complete radiographic picture of the complete set of teeth.


Intra Oral Peri Apical Radiograph

  • Size 0:  22×35 mm  Children
  • Size 1:  24×40 mm  Anterior, Adults
  • Size 2:  31×41 mm   Standard size (Ant. & Post) Adults

Bite wing films:

  • Size 0:  22 x 35 mm  Ant. Children
  • Size 1 : 24 x 40 mm  Posterior, Children Anterior, Adults
  • Size 2 : 31 x 41 mm   Posterior, Adults (Standard size)
  • Size 3:  27 x 54 mm  Posterior, Adults (All posterior teeth are seen in 1 film)

Occlusal film

Occlusal Radiograph

  • Size 4  57x 76 mm  4 times layer than standard   periapical film)


  • Panoramic film  –  5 x 12 inch, 6 x 12 inch

Panaromic Radiograph

  • Cephatometric films  –  5 x 7 inch, 8 x 10 inch


It is up to the Dental Practioner to decide, which Radiograph is needed in the particular patient. There are other newer and more diagnostic procedures like CTBT which gives you are three-dimensional image of the structures and tissues of the oral cavity mainly used while planning for Dental Implants or in case of Fractures and any lesions to get to know the extent of their spread and surrounding structures.