In this post we will be uploading all the rare and unique shapes of Root Canals which we can find Dental practice around the World. You can also contribute to this list if you get any case which you think is worth adding to this list – Mail us at ( and we will upload it with your reference to the image.

The Various Anomalies found in Teeth due to Root Shapes, Numbers  and Sizes are shown in the image below:

Anamolies of Tooth in the form of Variations in Root Form

1. Running or Dancing Root Canal: This particular root canal seems has got a steep Distal bend or curvatureand then again straightens (for fun:  Resembling the famous step by Micheal Jackson). This kind of Root canal will be very difficult to treat for an endodontist posing a true challenge.

2. The Twining Root Canals:

This is an X-ray image of the First Mandibular Premolar, which shows the presence of Root canals joining in the mid third of the Root and showing a Twining appearance, it will be a difficult case to treat for RCT if need arises.

Dilaceration at the Crown and Root Junction:

Dilaceration seen at the crown and root junction seen in Radiograph.

Dilacerated tooth with curved roots radiograph

Dilacerated tooth with curved roots radiograph

6 Root Canals in a Molar:

This is a rare occurrence where you can find 6 root canals in a tooth. the normal number of Root canals in a Maxillary molar is 3. But in this case we can see double the number of normal root canals i.e 6.