Uses of Endodontic Implants in dentistry

An Endodontic implant is an artificial metallic extension. Of the root structure with the main objective of increasing the root to crown ratio to give the tooth better stability. Endodontic implants should not be confused with post and core procedure it is entirely different for a different purpose.

Endodontic implants uses

The conditions in which Endodontic implants are used are listed below:

  1. Periodontally involved teeth requiring stabilization
  2. Transverse root fracture involving loss of apical fragment or the presence of 2 fragments that cannot be aligned properly.
  3. Pathologic resorption of the root apex incident to chronic abscess.
  4. Pulpless tooth with an unusually short root.
  5. Internal resorption affecting the integrity and strength of the tooth structure
  6. A tooth in whichvadditiomal root lwngth is desired for improving its alveolar support
  7. 40mm extra long reamers are needed and the root canal must be enlarged to atleast the size of a No. 60 Instrument

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