What are Masticatory Forces

Masticatory Forces are the Forces exerted during mastication with variations in region, persons, age, sex, food habits & race. The muscles of mastication are the main cause for these forces they contract and relax and lead to the production of force for Mastication. It is measured and sometimes termed as Bite force as it is the force generated on biting.

The Various Masticatory forces during mastication:

  • The average maximum sustainable biting force is 756N{170 pounds}.
  • Average masticatory force:
  • Males – 520N;  Females – 340 N
  • Normal dentition – 80N;
  • Dentures – 64N
  • Molar region: 400-890N
  • Premolar region: 222-445N
  • Cuspid region: 133-334N
  • Incisor region: 89-111N
  • Masticatory force measured by Gnathodynamometer

What are the Factors influencing Bite Force:Particular tooth

  • Dietary consistency
  • Degree of chronic periodontal disease
  • Jaw separation
  • Tooth – cusp configuration
  • Natural / artificial teeth
  • Biting practice
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