Blood Coagulation Factors are  the natural coagulants which maintain the flow of blood in the body and also make sure coagulation takes place in case of any injury.

Blood Coagulation Factors

  1. Factor I = Fibrinogen
  2. Factor II = Prothrombin
  3. Factor III = Tissue Thromboplastin
  4. Factor IV = Calcium
  5. Factor V = Proaccelerin, Labile factor
  6. Factor VI – Accelerin (Does not exist as it was named initially but later on discovered not to play a part in blood coagulation)
  7. Factor VII = Serum Prothrombin, Stable factor antihemophilic
  8. Factor VIII = Antihemophilic factor A, Antihemophilic Globulin, Antihemophilic factor
  9. Factor IX = Plasma Thromboplastin component, Antihemophilic factor B or Christmas factor
  10. Factor X = Stuart Prower factor
  11. Factor XI = Antihemophilic factor C
  12. Factor XII = Hageman factor
  13. Factor XIII = Fibrin stabilising factor

Knowing about the Blood Coagulation factors in Dentistry is very important to prevent the mishaps from occurring during or after Dental procedures. There are many Hematologic disorders which are related to these factors,which makes it essential to make note of these factors and the concerning disorders.