What does Color Coding of Aerotar, Micromotar and Endodontic Hand pieces mean

Color Coding of Aerator, Micro motor and Endodontic Hand pieces is a lesser known fact among Dentists, the Hand pieces which we regularly use are divided into various colors based on the their speed or rpm and the ratio in which they are used. In a Dental set up we use multiple types of Hand pieces for various purposes. Micro motors, Aerotors, Endodontic hand pieces and Implant hand pieces.

The various hand pieces serve different purposes and for this reason require varying speeds and torque, in case of Micromotors, the speed can be controlled with less torque, in case of Aerotors which are used for Crown cutting, cavity preparations, access openings etc. Handpieces for placing Dental Implants require less speed and high torque. So depending on the requirements the speed and torque are adjusted to attain the required results.

Color coding of Dental Hand pieces

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Color Coding of Dental Handpieces:

Red or Orange: 1:5 up to 200.000 min-1. In case of Red, the contra-angle hand piece operates faster than the drive speed, which means that the operating speed of the rotary instrument is higher than the motor speed.

Blue: 1:1 transmission up to 40.000 min-1. This contra-angle hand piece transfers the motor speed as it is, which means it operates at the speed of the motor speed.

Green: 5:1 up to 8.000 min-1. It is speed reducing, which means it operates at a lower speed when compared to the speed generated by the Motor.

Based on the color coding, chucks used for inserting the burs and removing are different. Same chuck can be used for Blue and Green color coded contra angle hand pieces but you need to use a different chuck for the Red or Orange colored hand piece. The Hand pieces used in Dentistry are divided into types based on their application or use as well into – General, Straight, Endodontic, Prophylactic and Surgical. There are many differences in these hand pieces like speed or RPM, angle of the working head, torque and length of the neck of the hand piece.

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