What is Barodontalgia

Barodontalgia:  Baro – Pressure, Odonto: Teeth, Algia: Pain

It is the Pain in the teeth caused due to changes in pressure which may be seen in case of High Altitudes as seen in Pilots and also in Deep sea divers who also see severe changes in pressure which lead to pain in the tooth.


  • Aerodontalgia
  • Flyers Tooth
  • Tooth Squeeze


Due to the presence of high rise buildings these days and the powerful Lifts being used with travel at very high speeds to reach great heights people are complaining of pain in tooth while climbing in lifts.

Make a note that Normal teeth without any underlying pathologies are not affected by any change in Pressure.

Barodontalgia is usually seen in teeth which have pre existing dental pathology or have improper dental treatments such as:

Teeth with these conditions are more likely to be involved in Barodontalgia:

  1. Chronic Pulpitis is the primary culprit
  2. Restored teeth are more likely to be involved.
  3. Maxillary Sinusitis
  4. Improper fillings
  5. Carious teeth
  6. Periapical cysts

Barodontalgia occurs during initial pressure reduction from 14.7psi to 12 – 8 psi. Pain is invariably relieved on Repressurization which is the important sign that distinguishes Barodontalgia frompain in upper jaw due to  maxillary barosinusitis.

Why is there pain in a tooth due to pressure change ??

  • Due to change in external pressure there will be expansion of gas with compensating increase in pressure within the Pulp chamber and root canal of the tooth which is defective due to any underlying pathology.
  • Pulpitis – Pain on Ascent and Relief on Descent
  • Necrosis – Pain on Descent and Relief on Ascent
  • Pain is seen mostly in the Maxillary Posterior teeth and results from compromised blood supply to the tooth.
  • Direct Pressure on the exposed nerve endings.
  • Microleakage of restoration materials from a faulty restoration.

Barodontalgia is not seen among patients who have underwent Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

How to avoid Barodontolgia:

As we know that Barodontolgia is seen in  Pilots and people at high altitudes and also in Deep sea Divers it is due to pressure changes as mentioned above.

  1. For these professionals Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is the treatment to avoid Barodontalgia where the person is put in a 100% compressed Oxygen chamber which prepares the body for High pressures and Compression.
  2. Get all the underlying Dental pathologies checked and treated properly.

What is the Treatment for Barodontolgia:

There is no particular treatment plan for Barodontalgia. Identification of the underlying dental pathology and treating it properly is the only treatment modality available for Barodontalgia.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is another option mentioned to avoid Barodontalgia in professionals.



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