What is Dental Tourism – Advantages and Precautions

Dental Tourism is a combination of two activities Vacation + Dental Treatment in the vacation region. Due to the increase in Dental Treatment Costs in some developed countries like USA, Australia, United Kingdom etc we can see a great increase in Dental tourism across the world. The main reason behind Dental Tourism is to cut down on the cost of Dental treatment.

Dental Tourism or Vacation

What are the advantages of Dental Tourism ??

  1. Dental Tourism is mainly advantageous to citizens of Countries where Dental Treatment is very costly like in USA and UK the costs of dental treatment are sky high and these are not included much in Insurance plans either.
  2. So if you get a certain dental problem you have to shell out money from your own pocket in these developed countries.
  3. So people who have certain Dental Conditions and are in need of Dental Treatments like Implants, Dental Crowns, Orthodontic Treatment(if duration of stay is long), Complete dentures etc prefer to go to certain countries where the cost of Dental Treatments is almost 5 to 10 times lesser than the price they pay for the same treatment in their countries.
  4. With Dental tourism there is an advantage of having a vacation and treatment done at the same time helping in saving a lot of money. The Cost variation is so great that the same treatment in USA, UK etc will be enough to cover Travel and Treatment costs in some Countries. For Example Root Canal Treatment in India is only $100 to $150 which is almost 10 times cheaper than what it is in USA and UK.

Dental Tourism is a huge industry in Countries like India, Thailand, Egypt etc where they have certain packages for Dental Tourism and Certain Hospitals. And the people coming in are also increasing very rapidly with many patients taking appointments long before they travel and booking dates and discussing the problem and treatment plan via Video Chat with the dentist. So that the dentist can give the number of days required for Treatment procedure.

Quality of Treatment in Dental treatment is a major concern, patients cannot just fall for the low price and get bad treatment done which will affect him/her in the long run. And if there are adverse effects the cost of re-treatment will be even higher, so choosing the best Country and Best Dental Hospital is of utmost importance.

Precautions to be taken Before and During Dental Tourism/Vacation:

  • Do some online research on the dental hospital which you are looking to go for.
  • Ask your friend or relatives if any in that state or country to find out about the Dental Hospital which you are planning to attend to.
  • Take some references on what dental treatments are required, to make sure you are not fooled into getting some unnecessary treatments done.

In the next following posts we will give a list of Countries where Dental tourism is Popular and where you can get the cheapest yet quality dental treatment done.

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