What is Smartseal Obturation Technique its uses and advantages

Smartseal is a new kind of Obturation technique which takes help from the hydrophilic polymer technique. The company states that it is a point and paste technique which is being used for obturating the preparaed Root canal. The Smart paste rootcanal sealer expands on contact with water to fill in the voids in the root canal.

Smartseal Endodontic Obturation technique

Technique used in Smartseal Obturation:
As we can see in the Video obturation can be done with Protaper or Sendoline instruments.

  • If you are using Sendoline instruments, Smartseal has S2 through to S4 propointS type for good seal.
  • If you are Using Protaper instruments – propointPT are available in sizes F1 through to F5 to match the final finishing file taken to full working length.

After doing the Obturation we have to make sure that Sodium Chlorite which was used for irrigation, debris removal during BMP is completely removed from the canal with the help of a final rinse using EDTA or bacteria free water, so that it does not interfere with the Smartseal paste system.

The Smartpaste is then mixed and with the help of a properly manipulated Propoint according to the size of the canal is inserted into the canal. The tip is dipped into the paste which helps us carry the paste into the root canal. This procedure has to be done for 2-5 times until you fell its sufficient. There is no need of filling the canal with the paste but we have to just coat the canal walls with it and make sure that any accessory canals are filled in.

The paste on contact with water swells and fills in the voids and spaces in rootcanal. The source of water after sealing is through the dentinal tubules.

The Propoint Cone is then inserted and the canal sealed with a restoration. The main property of Smart paste starts now as it expands inside the root canal and fills the spaces left out during obturation.

And because of this property a simple single master cone technique is recommended for majority of cases, which saves time and gives better results without voids.

We can also use Smartpaste bio which releases calcium hydroxide and hydroxyapatite while setting and creates a very antimicrobial environment in the root canal.

I had a doubt on if the pressure created by the expanding paste crack the tooth, but it turns out that the expansion stops when a barrier is encountered by the paste.

Note: The use of smartseal with undiluted sodium hypochlorite is not recommended. The canal should be rinsed with EDTA or water before smartseal is used.

Advantages of Smartseal:

  1. It is compatible with Protaper and Sendoline file types used by many Dentists.
  2. Can fill in Accessory Canals with ease.
  3. The Root canal sealer expands or swells and fills in the voids in the root canal.
  4. Because of the expansion property a good periapical seal can be achieved.

Uses of Smartseal:

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