What is the ideal restorative material after Root canal treatment – Composite or GIC

Root canal treatment is a procedure performed on teeth which have become dead or when the pulp tissue gets infected due to Dental caries or any trauma leading to inflammation of the periapical tissue. Check this to know the in detail procedure of Root Canal Procedure. RCT involves multiple steps starting from access preparation which involves cutting of the enamel and dentin to give straight line access to the pulp chambers or pulp cavity. BMP or Bio mechanical preparation and then Obturation ( filling of the prepared root canals with GP points.

Root canal treatment restoration


One of the important aspect is the post obturation filling or restoration which is very important to make sure that the Root Canal treatment is successful preventing any leakage of oral cavity fluids into the root canal, which can lead to failure of RCT and re infection. The next step after a restoration is to give the treated tooth an onlay or a Dental Crown (Metal, Metal Ceramic, Zirconia). So the restorative material should bond to the tooth structure which is possible in restorative materials like GIC and Composite.

Most preferred Restorative material after Root canal treatment:

  1. Composite (first choice)
  2. Glass Ionomer Cement (second choice) 
  3. Amalgam (third choice)

The ideal restorative material is Composite as it micro mechanically bonds to tooth structure and this prevents any micro leakage later on. GIC also bonds to the tooth structure but the Compressive strength of GIC is less and it is soluble in saliva. In comparison, Composite has more compressive strength and it is not soluble in saliva.

A Layer of GIC on the Pulpal Floor followed by Composite restoration to fill the rest of the cavity is the Ideal way to restore a tooth after completing Root Canal Treatment. 

Contraindications of Root canal treatment

Hence Composite can be used to either directly restore the tooth without any need for a crown or onlay. Amalgam is the third choice because it does not bond to the tooth structure and there are chances of micro leakage in the long run along with discoloration of the restored tooth. 

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