What is the Use Importance and Location of Functional Cusp Bevel

Functional Cusp Bevel is the additional removal of tooth in a cavity preparation or tooth preparation in case of restorations. Functional Cusp Bevel increases the thickness of the otherwise thin Occluso-Axial junction of the restoration.  

What is the use of Functional Cusp Bevel ?

Additional thickness in this region is necessary because the Functional Cusp of the tooth is the one which bears the maximum load and Force during mastication and the increased bulk of the restoration due to the Bevel given will help in successfully bearing the excess load and force without fracture of the restoration.


Does a Functional Cusp Bevel help in increasing Retention?

Having a functional cusp bevel helps in increasing the retention as the excess unsupported tooth structure is removed which is a cause for reduced retention. So with the functional cusp bevel as it is removed it improves or increases retention.

What is the Angulation of the Functional Cusp Bevel ?

The Functional Cusp Bevel Angulation should be – 45 Degrees

Functional Cusp Bevel Occlusal View

Functional Cusp Bevel Occlusal View

What is the Location of the Functional Cusp Bevel ?

Functional Cusp Bevel should be prepared on the Palatal Cups of the Maxillary Teeth and Buccal Cusps of Mandibular teeth as these are the cusps which are the functional cusps and bear the maximum stress, load and force during mastication.

Which Bur should be used to give Functional Cusp Bevel ?

Bur No: 171L is used to give a functional Cusp Bevel in Cavity preparation.

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