When is a Dental filling or restoration done?

Dental filling or dental restoration is the use of a dental restorative material to restore the function, integrity and morphology of missing tooth structure.

So when you go to a Dentist he will be advising you a filling, then you might be suffering form one of the following conditions for which a Dental filling or Restoration is advised.

  1. Dental Caries:
  2. Tooth Fracture:
  3. Tooth Abrasion:
  4. Tooth Attrition:
  5. Intrinsic Stains on Tooth:
  6. Replacing old Dislodged Restorations:

Dental Caries:

Dental caries is the #1 cause for dentists to go for Restorations or fillings. As Dental caries eats away the tooth structure we have to remove the infected tooth structure and prevent any further spread of the microorganisms by restoring the tooth to its original form with the help of restorative materials, some of which also aid in repairative dentin formation.

Tooth Fracture:

Tooth fracture holds the #2 place after dental caries in the number of restorations done due to it, the tooth has to be restored to its normal form and function with the help of restorative materials. It is done in case of Ellis Class 1 Ellis Class 2 Ellis class 3 fracture cases.

Tooth Abrasion and Attrition:

These are conditions in which the loss of tooth structure is due to physiological causes and the use of restorative materials to replace the lost tooth structure is done. Most commonly used restorative material to treat cervical abrasion cases is GIC.

Intrinsic Stains on Tooth:

When there are intrinsic stains on the tooth structure which are impossible to be removed with Oral prophylaxis techniques, Veneering is the most useful technique to cover up the stains inside the tooth structure.

Intrinsic stains are mostly due to Tetracycline stains, Fluoride Stains, Pan & Ghutka.

Replacing Old Dislodged Restorations:

Old and dislodged restorations should be completely removed and replaced with a new restorative material. This is most common in Amalgam restorations which get dislodged after a period of tie and has to be replaced.

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