Wisdom Tooth Extraction done by a Robot on a human patient in Tokyo

For the first time a Robot which has been designed and programmed to remove Wisdom has performed a Wisdom tooth removal procedure on a live patient in a dental chair. This operation took place in a local clinic in Tokyo last Tuesday. The patient who participated for the surgery or we must say experiment was a 55 year old local man.

The Robot which performed the procedure has been named as “Alla Dente” and one of the developers of the program Ishaki Morakuni said “We had great luck with Alla Dente” and also went on to say that this new program will be made into large scale and the group are planning to substitute almost 30% of Japanese Dentists with Robots to perform such delicate procedures in Dental Clinics.

Robot extracts wisdom tooth in a clinic in Japan

The team has said that there were no complications in the operation and the patient did not suffer any major inconveniences. It is not clear about the exact nature of the operation which took place, the type of Wisdom tooth extraction was it surgical or non-surgical, if it was impacted or not and pre and post-operative care was taken care of by the dentist or the robot itself.

Ishaki Morakuni also went on to say ”We knew the software is perfect, we knew Alla Dente has all the capabilities to maintain such a delicate mission but from this, to completing a successful wisdom tooth removal… I mean, there were moments I felt pity for that man on the dentist chair. It’s good to know that our experiment had a happy end, knowing from previous tests that much more blood could have been spilled there.”

Meanwhile there are protests from the Dental fraternity about the spread of this type of robots in the dental field and how it will be affecting the society and what measures will the robot be able to take in case of any emergencies or problems faced during the procedure. There are groups in France who are taking measures to make sure that these Robots don’t make it to the real clinics. “This is our job of which we’re very proud,” said a spokesman of the group. “We don’t like the idea of them (robots – O.N.) coming and taking our place. People must understand that even if robots can pull put an aching tooth, they will not be there to tell us jokes or calm us down when blood is pouring down like a river.”

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