A brief Review about Biochemistry

Biochemistry which we study here in our field involves the chemical reactions which are related to our human body, which inolve the metabolisms and the essential dietary sources .

It is divided into many parts to make the study easy for beginners . first the basic molecules are explained namely :

1) Carbohydrates .
2) Proteins (Amino acids).
3) Lipids .

These are discussed in detail by learning about the metabolisms and requirements of these respectively.
After discussing and learning about the metabolisms and the advantages , abnormal effects seen due to these essential molecules .

We learn about the Minerals and Vitamans . In this we get the overview of the daily requirement of these and the abnormalities caused due to the excess or less intake of these materials in food.

In the end we learn about the Enzymes and the enzymatic action on the proper functioning of the body , after this we learn about the nucleic acids(RNA , DNA) and the diseases caused by the metabolic defects Ex. Jaundice , Diabetes Melitis.

In practicals we have to do chemical reactions which resembel the metabolism in the human body , and we also do some tests which diagnose the abnormalities caused due metabolic dysfunction.
We do tests related to :

1) Protein tests
2) Carbohydrate tests
3) Urine tests
4) Non Protein Nitrogenous substances Tests

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