Toilet of the cavity


This is the act of freeing the preparation walls and margins from objects that may interfere with proper adaptability and behavior of the restorative material.

It is accomplished by

  1. Removal of all enamel and dentin chips due to excavation and grinding with warm water.
  2. Drying with air syringe.
  3. Sterilization.

Englander et al have shown that silver nitrate and alcohol cause irreparable pulp damage if these are allowed to enter into the dentinal tubules.

Shay, Allen et al have shown that ZnOE, Ca(OH)2and fluoride content in some restorative material s show certain amount of protection even on unsterilized condition of cavities.


Later based on research debridement comprised of cleaning the cavity with warm water so as to protect the smear layer formed. Smear layer prevents penetration of bacteria and their products further into the pulp dentin complex through the dentinal tubules. Further treatment with caustic solution damages smear layer.

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