Types of Orthodontic Retainers – Fixed and Removable

Orthodontic treatment is a prolonged procedure which requires patience and commitment from the patient, once completed with the Treatment it is very important to maintain the teeth in their new correct position. This is when you will be free of your Braces, but will ...Read More

Can my Old Retainer straighten back my teeth now?

The answer to this question is a big “NO”, to understand why your old retainer cannot straighten back your teeth now after months or years of use you need to know How and Why retainers are made. Dental Retainers after Orthodontic treatment are not ...Read More

Does Clove Oil work for Toothache?

Clove Oil has been recommended by our elders long before there were any medicines to help in relieving Toothache from hundreds of years. So let us look at the science behind the use of Clove oil for relieving toothache, whether it helps in removing ...Read More

Biological Principles of Tooth or Cavity Preparation

Biological Principles of Tooth Preparation help in preserving the health and integrity of the remaining tooth structure, where the Principles of Tooth Preparation deal with obtaining the proper shape, retention, resistance form of the cavity for restoration. The main principles of cavity preparation are ...Read More