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What is Frenectomy and why is it needed?

Frenectomy is a surgical procedure performed in the Dental clinic mostly for children and sometimes for adults as well depending on the need which can be preventive or as a part of the treatment procedure. To put it in simple terms Frenectomy – Cutting or trimming of the Frenum. Let us first learn ...Read More

How to Overcome Dental Fear

Dental Fear is a very common Type of Phobia associated with Doctors and White coats in General. We can simply put Dental Fear as the persons inner fear of facing a Dentist or Dental Clinic without any proper reason or cause or sometimes without any prior encounter with any Dentist. There are ...Read More

Effect of Laser on Tissues – Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry is a new trend in dentistry which is being increasingly used because of its advantages and the ease of use in certain procedures in your dental clinic. Lasers are being used in multiple Dental treatment procedures like – Tooth Decay, Gum Disease, Lesion removal or taking a specimen for Biopsy, ...Read More

Advantages of Lasers in various branches of Dentistry

Dental Lasers: It is the Focused beam of light which acts on the water molecules of our soft and hard tissues which bring about the desired changes in dentistry. Which cannot be used in every technique but is very effective in most of the techniques where it can be used. The first Dental ...Read More